October 17, 2007

What fall means to me.

For this week's Digi Dare #57 I did this LO about what fall means to me. Fall = Football! At our home Fall means Football. It's football this and football that...it's never ending.

Papers from Pumpkin Patch kit created by Sandra Adamson-SeaScraps
Bows created by Beth Bishop of ACORN Designs
Cardboard created by Charlie54 designs
Stitched leafs created by by Coralee Evans
Flower and Fall pin created by by Manu B
Temple #23 created by Nettys Scraps
Fonts - Ariel and Matura MT Script Capitals

What's up with the weather? Here in Michigan we had one week of 90 degrees and the next week it was only 40 degrees and now it is back up in the 70s...??? Man are we having weird weather or what? Don't get me wrong I am enjoying October's nice weather, but come on "Mother Nature" don't tease us!

October 15, 2007

Another CT LO using "Asian Fusion"

This is another LO using the kit "Asian Fusion" created by Ziggle Designs. This is my dog Lucy Lu, she is a 1 yr. old German Shepard/Huskey mix. She is like one of the family.

Lucy Lu
"Asian Fusion" kit created by Ziggle Designs & Kami Leonard
Template by Kathrin/Bastelzauber
Font - Fountain pen frenzy

October 11, 2007

Cheerleading season is upon us......

Well my DD just got done with football cheerleading and is now headed into the All Star season. I love All Star Cheer the competitions are so much fun and the girls are getting so good! I love to see all the girls in their uniforms and glitter makeup, they all look so awesome! I have volunteered to be assistant coach this year. DD is in the youth group Level 1. Last year they took state championship! I am so proud of her, its like she is a natural born cheerleader. DD has been working on her solo routine for the past 2 months...she is so dedicated! We are working on fundraisers to get the squad new jackets this year, they are so excited! Pizza Hut is going to help us out this year with a tip night for the girls. It is where they wait tables and serve pizza and then they get all tips collected. We are also going to do a bake sale and a garage sale. We have 11 girls on our squad, but I wish we could get one more girl to sign up to complete the squad. With 12 girls we will beable to do 3 lift stunts, but right now we are only allow 2 lifts.

Here are a couple of new LOs I have finished. The first is DD's football cheer squad competition 2007. This is the first year we were able to host the competition right here in Alpena! The second LO is the Digi Dares #56. Oh, I almost forgot we found out yesterday that my cousin is having a baby girl, how exciting! We have all boys in the family except for DD. She is due February 22, 2008 I can't wait!

Pom Poms and Ponytails
PP from "Missed the bus" kit created by Brittney at britt-ish designs
Grunge frame designed by Lucie Goikoetxea
Cardboard Alphas designed by sunflowers
Fonts - Algerian & Facelift

PP "Asian Fusion" kit created by Ziggle Designs
Stitches created by Tracy Drane
Fonts - Trubble, Arial Narrow, and Pussycat

October 1, 2007

CT LO using Asian Fusion.

Here is a CT LO using Ziggle Designs "Asian Fusion" kit. This kit is absolutely gorgeous! Here is a preview of the kit you can purchase it at The Digital Candy Store

And here is my LO:

The girl in the mirror
Asian Fusion Kit by Ziggle Designs
Font Jenkins v2.0
Journaling reads:
I look at the girl in the mirror
and I see someone beautiful
a precious gem a reflection of beauty
I look into my own blue eyes
and I see strength
where there's strength there's beauty
I look at the girl in the mirror
and I see who I used to be
but then I see how I've changed
I see how much I've grown
how much I've matured
how I grew more confidence
how I'm no longer afraid
to look at the girl in the mirror
I look at the girl in the mirror
in my eyes my reflection shows no less
than pure perfection I look at the girl
in the mirror and I'm proud of what I've become.