February 27, 2011


Creations by Rachael B has explained what is going on with her stores.  Here is her blog post or you can read it here.
Quoted from Creations by Rachael B's blog.
"There has been some talk about what’s going on with me so I thought I would post and clear things up.

My store at TDC is in the middle of a store closing sale. This has been planned for weeks and is closing because I do not have the time to make exclusive kits on top of my normal ones.
Yesterday my store at GP was turned off. While I was planning on leaving the store at the end of March it was not my plan to do it so soon. The owner there disabled it without my knowledge after I gave notice.
My store at SM will be closing at the end of March. This has nothing to do with any gossip or drama you may have heard. I have nothing but love for the designers (and CT) and SM. I think they rock! I’m even going to still be going to the forum as much as I can.
So what are my plans?
It’s simple. In April I will be designing at a whole new store. With a special needs son and my mom needing so much help and medical care I felt it was best to focus my attention on one store. Which is great for you because it means more kits and more time for me to have fun giveaways and contests. My crew and I are ready to make this year my best year ever!
This is a huge change for me, but I promise its going to be a good one."

February 24, 2011

Store Closing Sale!

Creations by Rachael B is closing her store at the digichick.  Everything is on sale for 35% off until the end of the month.  You don't want to miss this sale, because some things will be gone for good.

February 20, 2011

Creations by Rachael's at it again...

Two new kits in stores now.

Let's Get Physical
Available at ScrapMatters, Plucky Pear, and Gotta Pixel

Bug N Slugs
Collaboration kit by Creations by Rachael and Designs by Mye De Leon

Available at Gotta Pixel