May 1, 2007

Its good to be back!

After 2 1/2 weeks I am finally back online and it feels good. I never realize how much I do on the net. My computer took a turn for the worst. I knew it was going, but hoping it would last one more year. I got myself a brand spanking new computer. Its a HP with a 17 inch flat screen monitor. I am so impressed with the color on the flat screens that it makes me smile every time I look at my monitor. Now I have a tower with 1GB and I am so stoked, so now I am ready to load it with all my digi James, my husband got himself a new laptop (Dell) this is what I am on now. I am not really all impressed with the laptops. They seem to be alittle more work and alot less memory space. I think I will stick with my desktop, but I do like the fact that I am sitting in my living room and not isolated in my office.

Have a great day!! I have done some more sketches and will post them later tonite.

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