November 6, 2007

CT LO and some other random LOs

Ziggle Designs "Wild Flowers Fever" kit previews.

Here is a Ziggle Designs CT LO using the "Wild Flower Fever" kit.

"Wild flower fever" Kit designed by Ziggle Designs & Kami Leonard
Cardboard Alpha by Monika69
Star swirl designed by Petra Skyvova
font - beyond wonderland

Here are some random LOs I have done.

Candy Jar Kit By Angela Niehaus
Font - Porky's

Cell Phone
Paper by Monique "Eressea" Drost
Chain with tags by Nicole Kaltenecker
Ribbon by Hana Olenocinova
Doodles Glitter by Thaty Borges
Glitter brads by Nicole Seitler
Fonts - Parker's Hand, Distress, and Laundromat 1967
Journaling reads:
You and your cell phone are the best of friends. You are never without your cell phone. You 2 go everywhere together. You even sleep with your cell phone comfortably under you pillow. I am to the point where I don't know if it's a phone or a growth on your ear. I am very proud of you and the responsiblity you have shown in using your own cell phone. Keep up the good work, do I see a RAZOR?

Page using the "Pumpkin Patch" kit by Sandra Adamson-SeaScraps
Pumpkin Pie
"Pumpkin Patch" kit by Sandra Adamson-SeaScraps
Swirl by Obsidian Dawn
Template by Chris Greiser
Fonts - Arial and Alba

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