October 8, 2006

Go! Fight! Win!

The cheerleading competition went awesome. I got so many pictures. When I get them developed I will post them.

There actually was quite a bit of argueing going on between the parents and judges. Well see the competition was held at the Cheboygen Junior High School and when a town or school is the hostess for the competition that town/school is not allow to participate in the competition, but the Cheboygen cheerleaders was competing and they took 1st in every division. All the judges where from Cheboygen, so you can see where this is going....PLAYING FAVORITES!!!! I have never seen so many parents upset and coaches!!

Well anyway we,"The Jets" took 2nd place in every one of our divisions, YAY!! Go Jets!!

I was such a long day. Oh and man are those bleachers hard!! It was inside this year. The school gym was so crowded and so hot. Let me tell you it was not a very big gym. All the girls looked so nice in their uniforms. Let me tell you I am such a proud MOM!!!!

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