October 11, 2006

I finally accomplished something!!

I really have been quite lazy the last couple of days. I need to get off my rump and do something. I have 4 online swaps I have to get postal. I should start doing some scrap pages, I just have not been in the mood. Oh my, not in the mood for scrapping. I don't know whats happening. I know its the weather, it is suppose to snow today, not look forward to that at all. I really don't like the winter, its depressing.

I did sitting in front of the computer last night and made my first attempt at a self made digi kit. I am quite proud of myself for accomplishing that. What do you think? I know it is simple, but hey its my first. It took me forever to do. The Paper took about 4 hours ( I swear), but that was my favorite part. I still need some practice at kit making. It was alot of fun.

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