August 19, 2007

Not to excited about Windows Vista....and a few template freebies!

My new Dell came with Windows Vista on it and I am not all that impressed. First off none of my hardware is compatible with it, like my scanner/printer or my webcam! Now you can probably guess how hard it is to digi scrap with no pictures....I have to take all my pictures over to my sister's house and scan them in and then email them all back to me....what a bunch of bull!!! Now lets talk about the is tighter than a frog's *** I just don't see what the hub-bub is all about. I rather have my Windows XP back!

Did some searching today for templates and came across these freebies and had to share. If you follow the links and download, please leave some luv I'm sure the artists will appreciate it

Pamela has a template on her Blog

Janeal has a template on her Blog

Gabi has a template on her Blog

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